Monday, November 13, 2006

Fall Fancies

Autumn has hit California's northernmost coast in all its windy and rainy glory. While I enjoy the lazy luxury of summer, I love these cozy days inside, listening to the rain upon the roof and the mating symphonies of the tree frogs that gather on my back patio and the adjacent cow pasture. I love skeletal trees and the last, tired leaves that scatter with the arrival of wild, twisting breezes. The winter storms aren't yet raging in off of Humboldt Bay, those often scary meteorlogical events that make both windows and power shudder. Winter also brings the inevitable holiday chaos and so autumn is the calm before. It brings the year's impending end into focus and the new year's arrival to mind. My art seems to flow more easily in autumn. I settle into the inviting warmth of my little studio, both comforted and inspired by the weather that blows beyond my apartment's threshold.


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