Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Behold Bright Hope

"In this world, darkness is plentiful - war, poverty, sickness, hunger, hate, death. Sometimes...nay, inevitably, our life paths will take an unhappy turn. The road will become gloomy & sad. Don't let the dark consume you, child! Look up, up, up and the night clouds will part. A brilliant moon hangs in a sky strewn with innumerable pinpricks of starlight. Take these heavenly wonders as reminders that no matter the depth of the dark, light waits beyond. Trust in this & you can endure and conquer."

This the "journal page" I created on the 8 by 10-inch canvas board that I featured in my background tutorial (entry "Art's Foundation.") I did darken the final background just a touch more so it would have more blue than green. I created a little owl gal similiar to this in a previous journal page and just had to create another. I guess this would also serve as my entry for the ArtWords topic, "birds."


christine said...

Ooh how fun is this?!!! Love it!!!!

audrey h. said...

absolutely gorgeous!

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