Monday, November 20, 2006

Be Rare

This is an art journal entry I created today in a local coffeehouse. I go journaling "out on the town" with my dear friend, muse, and art partner, Ellen, every couple of weeks. It is a time of great conversation, excited sharing of our most recent art adventures and planning & scheming about future collaborations. I recommend that everyone try art journaling out in the world. It offers fantastic lessons in supply, space, and time limitations as well a new and different environment to inspire journal entries.

This is perhaps my favorite journal entry to date. I walked out the door this morning with a head, a background, and a color scheme in mind. She turned out just as I envisioned her. Don't 'cha love it when that happens? And even more delightful, I finally have a direction for a book I've been planning on a make-believe circus family. Yes! It only goes to show that inspiration will strike when it is meant to if you are patient and faithful to your original vision.


christine said...

Looooove this one, too! I really like your journaling style!!!

audrey h. said...

I absolutely love this page.

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