Saturday, May 20, 2006


Well, I have decided to leap blindly onto the electronic bandwagon and try out blogging. I'll share my art and my random thoughts & observations on trying to live an artistic life. I'm hoping that this experiment will encourage me to write more enthusiastically and prolifically. The more daily wonderings I can generate, the more material I'll have to explore in my art. And sometimes, it is just helpful to document everyday struggles and triumphs, transforming the internal into something external. That, after all, is the job of the artist, no matter the media or medium.
This journal page, from 04.28.06, is the beginning in my exploration of wabi-sabi inspired art journaling. I am experimenting with spacious layouts, textured backgrounds, muted color schemes, and the use of of as little pre-copyrighted and/or strongly pre-determined imagery as possible. Many pages draw on observations of the natural world as a springboard for journal entries.


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